Thessaloniki, 14.06.23

SEVE – Closing Conference & Conference on the activation of circular economy policies of the CIRCLECON project: Environmental protection and sustainable development in the Black Sea basin

With two conferences, “Activation of Circular Economy Policies” and “Presentation of Results”, the activities of the project “Knowing circular economy in Black Sea basin BSB-CIRCLECON – BSB 1021” with the acronym BSB CirclEcon, were completed, alongside the first Forward Green exhibition organized in Thessaloniki 8 – 10 June 2023 by TIF-Helexpo.

The Conferences were organized by GREEK EXPORTERS ASSOCIATION – SEVE, partner in the implementation of the project, which is co-financed by the European Cross-Border Cooperation Joint Operational Program Black Sea Basin 2014-2020. The corporate structure of the project is completed by the: VARNA FREE UNIVERSITY (Bulgaria – Lead Partner), European Regional Framework for Cooperation (Greece), Odessa Municipal Institution 5T (Ukraine), International Center for Social Research and Policy Analysis (Georgia) and Samsun Metropolitan Municipality (Turkey).

Circlecon general objective is to promote the territorial coordination of environmental protection and sustainable development in the Black Sea Basin, in order to encourage as many actors as possible to start the transition to the circular economy and waste management as a valuable resource.

In particular, Circlecon aims at: a) the promotion of the Circular Economy model in the partner countries, b) information on waste management and reduction issues and c) the creation of a European Group of Territorial Cooperation for a Circular Black Sea Basin

The Closing Conference can be viewed here, while the proposals and conclusions of the Activation Conference will be available in printed and electronic form and will be published on the program’s website