The project “Knowing Circular Economy in Black Sea Basin” (the BSB – “CIRCLECON”), which is being carried out under the auspices of the EU-funded Joint Operational Programme “Black Sea Basin 20142020”, aims at promoting Circular Economy model in Black Sea basin to help Bulgaria, Georgia, Greece, Turkey and Ukraine.

The overall goal of BSB-CIRCLECON is to promote territorial coordination of environmental protection and sustainable growth in the Black Sea Basin.
The idea is to encourage as many actors as possible to embark on the transition to the circular economy, going beyond waste prevention and management to Waste as a Valuable Resource.

BSB-CIRCLECON will focus on three main aspects:

Project Specific Objective 1

Promote the EU Circular Economy Model

The 1st Specific Objective is to present the case for increasing the uptake of the circular economy globally and the EU’s role in this regard. The foreseen project’s CEWG are intended to feature as part of an emerging toolbox which would look at how to increase the dissemination, learning and adoption process of CE from BSB actors. Key actors like local government & business support organisations will be intensively informed and follow a learning process in order to play the role of the outputs multipliers

Project Specific Objective 2

Common Awareness-Raising and Joint Actions to Reduce Waste

The 2nd Specific Objective focuses on waste management, reduction and prevention. The task is to examine how to make waste prevention and management under CE model more regional specific, and how to improve the implementation of waste policy on the ground. Increased awareness on environmental challenges and good waste management practices related to river and marine litter within BSB are crucial for the Programme; this will be achieved through a well-planned, organised, extensive dissemination campaign

Project Specific Objective 1

Coordination for the Environmental Protection

The 3rd Specific Objective intents to establish a permanent coordination towards anticipating BSB environmental challenges. Action plans will be developed; Demonstration and pilot actions will be the lighthouses for obtaining the expected outcomes; moreover, an EGTC is going to be established as to secure the future cooperation


Experts Trained


Organisations Supported


Informed Participants


5 Regional studies on Waste Management & Circular Economy Potential;
Online Educational Platform & Module; Smartphones’ Application;
CirclEcon Toolkit for Policymakers;
Six ISO 14000 Environmental Management Certificates;
Creation of EGTC – an Independent Legal Personality in BSB;

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GREEK EXPORTERS ASSOCIATION – SEVE participates in the project entitled “BSB-CIRCLECON – KNOWING CIRCULAR ECONOMY IN BLACK SEA BASIN”, which is co-financed by the European Cross-Border Cooperation Program Joint Operational Program Black Sea Basin 2014-2020 and is implemented with partners from Bulgaria, Georgia, Ukraine and Turkey.

Its general objective is to promote the territorial coordination of environmental protection and sustainable development in the Black Sea basin. The transition to a circular economy and waste management are a valuable resource and a huge opportunity to create competitive advantages on a sustainable basis for Greek businesses, especially export ones.

Among the activities of the project is the “Development of a Digital Toolbox for the Circular Economy” to raise public awareness of the Circular Economy. In the application you can:

  • find out about Circular Economy good practices,
  • studies and reports,
  • exchange opinions in the forum,
  • find out about events and
  • test your knowledge in the subject of the Circular Economy through quizzes.

See the application:

Project Partners

partnership includes different thematic roles and expertise who complement each other in order to address the topic from Bulgaria, Greece, Turkey, Ukraine and Georgia

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